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 Want to join our scrim team? READ HERE!

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Want to join our scrim team? READ HERE! Empty
PostSubject: Want to join our scrim team? READ HERE!   Want to join our scrim team? READ HERE! EmptySun Aug 16, 2009 1:56 pm

Read here if you are interested in doing a 5-Man Scrim with us.
Scrimming is the act of a five-person team going head to head against another five-person team on a selected map with the preset goal of winning 16 rounds out of 30. During scrim, no spectators are allowed in. The scrims are set to the normal rules (A.K.A Starting with a pistol and $800 in the beginning.) And yes, there will be try outs, you will face your other clan members in scrims, usually 1v1, and see who wins. There will be back up's and main team. We will also need a scrim team leader, send me a PM if you are interested.

Rules for our scrim team.
1. No blaming others for there mistake/misfortune. Encourage them, don't put them down.
2. Work as a team, call out the shots, give ideas, give strategies.
3. Have fun. But know your limits. Do your best and don't just be goofy.
4. English only! If you don't speak English, don't join.
5. You must have a mic! Unless you can prove yourselves that you don't.

Follow these rules and I am positive you will get in. The application is below, if you are ready, then copy and paste the template to a new topic and fill it out. DO NOT reply to this topic, this will result in a deletion of your application.

1. Age -
2. Do you have a mic? -
3. Previous experience? -
4. Language? -
5. Where do you live? (For timezone reasons) -

By applying you accept the responsibilities of becoming an s'R'u Scrim Team member. Being in this team does NOT make you have any higher ranked then anybody else. You will treat everyone else the same. If any of the rules previously stated are broken will result in you being kicked from the team and clan depending on the actions. No warnings, no exceptions. And remember, have fun.

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Want to join our scrim team? READ HERE!
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