skillz 'Я' Us is a group for Counter Strike Players to Hang and play. Anyone can join. **WHAT THE TEAM DOES** --= we specialize on Counter Strike games. --= we specialize on Source SDK Creation --= we specialize on Scrims as well!
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 All new viewers read this now!

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Welcome to Skillz 'Я' Us!
This is a new Counter-Strike Clan. We are all about fun, specializing in Counter-Strike: Source. We also specialize in Source SDK Base Creation. Looking forward to having a good scrimmage team as well.


Join us on vent! Dont be shy! Step right up and speak with us now!

Be warned! This server has specific rules. If any of these rules are broken you will be permanently banned from vent. No warnings! No exception!

No Flaming: While discussions and debates will often sometimes become heated, they should never reach a point where participants resort to name-calling or other matters of personal confrontation.
No Spamming: Spamming Bindings, Music, Soundboards or anything of that type is very annoying and will not be tolerated.
No Offensive Language: This is for the comfort and ease of everyone. Since some are overly sensitive to this type of language because of religion, age, or other factors we require that all simply refrain.
No Profanity: We don't mind if you "Swear" or "Curse" as long as you don't use it to insult another user.
Racial Slurs: This is the use of degrading statements or terms directed at a group or individual based on their race. This will NEVER be tolerated under any circumstances, and will be harshly dealt with.
No Sexual Harassment: This is pretty self explanatory. Like Racial Slurs, this will be harshly dealt with, and without warning.
No Harassment: This is the act of swearing at/insulting an individual for an extended period of time. I.E: Following a user from channel to channel, Spamming them with pages and/or Private Chats, this will NEVER be tolerated.
No Impersonations!!: You may not falsely impersonate another user on Ventrilo, this includes advertising yourselves as an Administrator or Moderator.
Avoiding Punishments: Attempting to switch channels extremely fast, logging off the server, changing your username, or changing your IP in order to avoid a ban is a direct violation of this rule. If you are reported and log off. Expect to be banned within the next Ten Seconds.
No Advertising: We ask that you do not advertise other servers. If you do you will receive a permanent IP Ban.
Administrators: Are to be treated with respect at all times. If we receive respect you will receive respect. There should be no clarification or explaination needed for this rule.
All Administrator Decisions are Final: Members and Guests are allowed one chance to protest and have the decision of an administrator review per incident via 'Contact Us' on the bottom of our website. Any further discord or protest about the decision thereafter will result in punishment.

Hostname/IP -

Port Number - 5133

Default Channel - .~. Guild Channels 3 .~./Skillz 'R' Us

Have fun and hope to see you with us!

Visit our steam



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All new viewers read this now!
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