skillz 'Я' Us is a group for Counter Strike Players to Hang and play. Anyone can join. **WHAT THE TEAM DOES** --= we specialize on Counter Strike games. --= we specialize on Source SDK Creation --= we specialize on Scrims as well!
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 Skillz 'Я' Us Rules

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PostSubject: Skillz 'Я' Us Rules   Skillz 'Я' Us Rules EmptyFri Aug 14, 2009 5:01 pm

1. No Cheating of any sort. This includes all hacks, Phone or 3rd party communications Rcon, (Ghosting), Skywalking, Exploits, Illegal Scripts, etc. We are a zero tolerance clan. If you are caught cheating there is no appeal process you are banned for life.

2. Disrespecting Skillz 'Я' Us and other community members will not be tolerated. If you are not a Skillz 'Я' Us member, do not put the tag on. You will receive only one warning.

3. No form of abuse or discrimination real or implied will be tolerated by ANY admin on this server. Give respect to all other players on the server, and try to avoid arguments.

4. Your name and your tag will be scrutinized. There will be no tolerance for nicknames that glorify terrorism or attacks on the United States of America or its citizens. Examples include Al-Qaeda, Jihad, Mujhadeen, Osama, Saddam and Taliban. These names are not all inclusive. Names that glorify or promote the use of hacks and cheats will not be permitted. Names that advertise servers, irc channels and web sites of other clans are not acceptable without permission

5. Please follow the instructions of the Admins at all times. If you have issues with what the admin of the server is saying, please visit our forums and post your concerns. The clan leaders will handle the situation.

6. No Team Stacking. If the talent is overwhelmingly lopsided, then make it right, otherwise an Admin will make it right for you. Also, Please auto-select when joining a game. This will prevent team stacking and also ensure that the side that needs a player gets a player. If there are multiple players from the same clan in the server, we expect that they make a strong effort to divide themselves up between the two teams.

7. Please attempt to accomplish mission objectives. If it is a de_map then plant or defuse the bomb, cs_map rescue or guard the hostages, as_map assassinate or rescue the VIP.

8. Camping is allowed if it assists you in accomplishing mission objectives. Examples include Terrorists camping the hostages on Italy, or Counter-Terrorists guarding a dropped bomb on Aztec. It is also allowed if you are running dangerously low on health.

9. Abuse of "Noobs" will not be tolerated. We are a Noob friendly server. If you are a noob, please identify yourself to an admin so that we can keep an eye on you and help you out. If you have questions or need advice ask an admin. Do not be worried about what the other players think. We were all Noobs once, and we have not forgotten how difficult it can be to find a great server and great people to play with.

10. If you suspect someone is cheating then please inform an Admin. The admin will acknowledge you and then they will assess and deal with the situation. Please do not continue to tell the admin that the person is cheating. Once we acknowledge your initial statement please continue with your game. If no admin is available, please report the person in our forums, reports that don't include a demo will not be taken seriously. To make a demo, activate your console, and type in "Record (Name)", then do STOP when you are finished. Make sure you play the demo and view it to make sure its what you want.

Note: Please do not waste our time with cheat accusations unless you are sure they are cheating. As amazing as it seems there are better Counter-Strike players out there than you.

11. No intentional Team Killing (TK). Intentional TKs will be subject to punishment from Admins up to and including a lifetime ban. If you accidentally attack or TK anyone, have some manners and apologize, let them know it was an accident and you regret it.

Skillz 'Я' Us Leader TriggerMonkey

(if you have any questions, comments or concerns regarding the Skillz 'Я' Us Terms of Rules add TriggerMonkey (TriggerZone808)
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Skillz 'Я' Us Rules
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