skillz 'Я' Us is a group for Counter Strike Players to Hang and play. Anyone can join. **WHAT THE TEAM DOES** --= we specialize on Counter Strike games. --= we specialize on Source SDK Creation --= we specialize on Scrims as well!
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PostSubject: Slaps' App   Slaps' App EmptySun Aug 16, 2009 11:40 pm

1. Name? (First Name) - Ian actually go by Slaps sometimes
2. Age? - 15
3. Where country do you live in? - The United States in Texas
4. Steam Name? - In-Game name? - Steam name is: AtreyuRock18 In-Game name is Slaps
5. How often are you on CSS? - I don't own CSS but i could get it
6. What type of servers do you like to play on? (Jailbreak, Pub, Surf etc.) - honestly no clue dude lol
7. Have you befriended any admins or members? Is so, who? yeah a member who invited me to this group i play with him on left 4 dead =]
8. Why should we accept you? (Are you good CSS player, nice person etc.) - umm I am a pretty good person... all around nice unless something/someone pisses me off but usually nice, occasionally i may sound dumb but i sometimes don't hear everything exactly out of peoples mouths, my mic is busted at the moment and also F.Y.I. i tend to get grounded so if I'm not on in a while that's usually the reason so yeah that's my application hope you guys choose me =]
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PostSubject: ACCEPTED   Slaps' App EmptySun Aug 16, 2009 11:50 pm

We accept your application! Welcome to the Clan! Cool
Now if you haven't already please visit the Rules Regarding the Clan.
You are now eligible to put on the sRu Tag located to the right ---> s'Я'u Please put this in the front of your steam name... For an example (s'Я'u) TriggerMonkey if you have any questions comments or concerns message one of the clan admins on the site!
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Slaps' App
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